Kode Chat Facebook Unik [2]

Posted by Wuddan on 05:06 PM, 06-Feb-13

[[100002752520227]] OK Face
[[218595638164996]] Dumb b***h
[[129627277060203]] Poker Face
[[224812970902314]] FaceOK
[[FUUUOFFICIAL]] Official Rage Face
[[168040846586189]] Feel Like a Sir
[[171108522930776]] TrollFace
[[143220739082110]] R U f****ng kidding me
[[211782832186415]] MeGusta
[[142670085793927]] Mother of God
[[170815706323196]] Cereal Guy
[[168456309878025]] LOL Face
[[167359756658519]] No Guy
[[177903015598419]] 4ever Alone
[[NotBaad]] Not Bad
[[100002727365206]] Challenge Accepted


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4 responses to "Kode Chat Facebook Unik [2]"

Emma Wuddan on 01:52 PM, 24-Mar-13

Seputar Facebook:
Kode Chat Facebook,
Kode Unik


ryu on 09:50 AM, 18-Jul-13

thanx ya biggrin

ryu david on 09:51 AM, 18-Jul-13

thanx ya biggrin

Pujiono on 02:16 AM, 25-May-15

Thank ya...

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